Let’s Stand Together And Empower The Nation
***** 2015 : I will be a candle in darkness and solace in sorrow ***** Sai Neeraj Wins National 2nd Rank for Deepika Children’s League IQ Test-2015 *****
Inspiring Young Minds

Where leaders are born

Where success is rewarded

Where talent is identified

Where education is a joy

Where the discipline is the watchword

The Choice Of New Generation

  The Resolutions so far:

2008 : Set your goal and march forward to success.

2009 : Make your parents and teachers happy and proud.

2010 : Make your parents and teachers happy and stand as a role model in society.

2011 : I will be the messenger of peace and harmony and I will not hurt anyone by my words or deeds.

2012 : Let’s change ourselves and make others change.

2013 : Be unselfish and find joy in learning.

2014 : Respect women, Respect elders and help the poor.

2015 : I will be a candle in darkness and solace in sorrow

Visionary team

Our vision:

Our vision is to develop confidence and unselfishness among the children and to bring them up as responsible citizens. We would like to forge our wards as the tools of social reformation. We strongly believe that every child has talent and we just need to find it out and guide them to success. We exhort them to find happiness in giving than taking. We make them aware of their social responsibilities and train them to be a part of nation building.

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