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***** 2015 : I will be a candle in darkness and solace in sorrow ***** Sai Neeraj Wins National 2nd Rank for Deepika Children’s League IQ Test-2015 *****
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Where education is a joy

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The Choice Of New Generation

  The Resolutions so far:

2008 : Set your goal and march forward to success.

2009 : Make your parents and teachers happy and proud.

2010 : Make your parents and teachers happy and stand as a role model in society.

2011 : I will be the messenger of peace and harmony and I will not hurt anyone by my words or deeds.

2012 : Let’s change ourselves and make others change.

2013 : Be unselfish and find joy in learning.

2014 : Respect women, Respect elders and help the poor.

2015 : I will be a candle in darkness and solace in sorrow



Monday to Saturday
Morning Session : 8.45 a.m to 12.40 p.m
Lunch Break : 12.40 p.m to 1.20 p.m
Afternoon Session: 1.20 p.m to 5.00 p.m
IIT & Medical Foundation Class : 5.30 p.m to 6.30 p.m


Monday to Friday - Cream shirt, Navy Blue Shorts, pants/skirts
Black Shoe and Black socks
Saturday : Civil Dress

  1. New admissions are taken at the beginning of the academic year
  2. Admission fee and School fee should be paid at the time of admission. Fee once paid will not be returned.
  3. If the seats are available, admission may be made during the academic year for good reasons.
  4. Admission form should be correctly filled in and signed by the parents. It is to be forwarded in the office together with the T.C. from the school last attended or a copy of the Birth certificate (Municipality or Panchayat).


  1. Parents who wish to withdraw their child from the school must submit a written application duly signed by them.Atleast three days time has to be given to the office for the issue of T.C.
  2. T.C. will not be issued until the student has paid all the dues or arrears to the school.
  3. students must keep the certificate safely. No duplicate T.C. will be issued.
  4. T.C./any other certificate from the school will not be issued during holiday or Vacations.


  1. No student should leave the school premises during the school hours or recess without prior permission of the principal.
  2. The principal has the power to take disciplinary action against any misbehaviour and indiscipline of a student.
  3. Disobedience to teachers, stealing, destruction of school furniture, writing on walls. malpractice in examinations will entitle dismissal of a student from the school!.
  4. Continuous absence without permission for more than two weeks will result in striking off rolls from the register.
  5. No re-examination will be conducted to any absentee pupil.
  6. school premises, class-rooms &verandahs will have to be kept clean and tidily everyday.
  7. Any damage caused to the school property will have to be born by the concerned students/students by all means.
  8. All the students should be punctual. They are to be in time for the assembly.
  9. The school is not held responsible for the lose of personal belongings such as books, note books, money etc.
  10. Parents are requested not to enter the class-rooms to interview the teachers during school hours. Enquiries must be made at the office.


  1. The school requires the parents to work jointly with the teachers. They must keep constant touch with the school authorities about their child's progress in studies,daily attendance and behaviour in the school.
  2. Parents are requested to meet concerned teachers of their children and discuss the child's progress in studies. They must scrutinize them regularly and plan remedial measures to fare better in studies.
  3. Parents may meet the principal on any working day in the morning.
  4. Parents are also encouraged to come to the school and meet the concerned teachers and the principal on special Saturday afternoon during the week when progress reports are distributed to the students in the school. They may seek clarifications and doubts with regard to their Child/Children's studies based on the progress reports
  5. The parent may kindly avoid criticizing or arguing any teacher in the school or outside. it no way helps but undermines respect for the teachers and the school.
  6. Parents are expected to-co-operate with the school authorities in the working of the school, in enforcing regularity, punctuality and discipline by taking interest in the children's progress. The parents are to check the school diary frequently.
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